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– on the home page, download our SEEDS CATALOG in Microsoft Excel format (xlsx)
– before ordering, always download the current version of the catalog as the list is updated
– enter the delivery information in the initial part of the table
– enter the number of portions you are ordering in the “I” column
– send the completed list back to

You will then be assigned a serial number within a few days. The deadline for processing orders is 45 to 90 days.
Orders will be sent after payment of the goods. The purchase price also includes packing and shipping costs. After confirming your order we will send you an advance invoice of 40-70 %. Unpaid deposit means non-acceptance of the order and therefore cancellation.


International payments – Bank transfer:
– Bank transfer: IBAN CZ48 2010 0000 0027 0184 1493 / BIC (SWIFT) FIOBCZPPXXX
– receipt of payments to Czech Republic within the European Union: To make a SEPA payment for European Union countries is a fee-free money transfer
– receive international payments from all third countries outside the European Union: To make a SEPA international payments is fee 100 CZK. The price does not include your bank’s fees for paying abroad
– the final price includes VAT

International payments – PayPal:
– type of payment „Goods and Services“: Here you are always charged a Paypal Fee of 7% (Paypal system will deduct a 7% fee for us as the payee)
– type of payment „Friends and Family“: No Paypal Fee is added here (Paypal system does not charge us as payee). In this case it is necessary to notify us of this fact in advance
– the final price includes VAT


Variant Universal RR Registered Priority Mail:
Economic variant, by air, includes RR tracking number. With a maximum weight of up to 1 kilograms. Price list RR Recommended priority mail with RR tracking number valid from 16/10/2023:

Weight up toPrice inside EU (Europe)Price outside EU (Europe)Price outside Europe
50 g148 CZK148 CZK156 CZK
100 g192 CZK195 CZK216 CZK
250 g235 CZK238 CZK291 CZK
500 g336 CZK339 CZK441 CZK
1 kg513 CZK516 CZK707 CZK
Packaging30 CZK30 CZK30 CZK

We do not charge packaging for orders over 3 000 CZK. VAT will be added to the price.
The seeds are wrapped in protective bubble wrap and sent in a plastic envelope.

Variant EMS – Express mail service:
More expensive but faster variant, by air, includes RR tracking number. The price is calculated according to the country of delivery and the weight of the shipment.


Important Notes (only for customers outside EU = third countries):
From date 1 July 2019 all packages (parcels) sent to countries outside the European Union must have the enclosed attach Phytosanitary Certificate, this is a strictly regulation of the Goverment Czech Republic Customs, otherwise the shipments will not be released to the countries of delivery.

Therefore, we have to introduce an Export Tax for arranging automatically:
1pc execute act Origin Phytosanitary Certification = 650 CZK (Cites cost, include VAT)

Communication with us is possible in Czech and English. Other languages must be translated in PC translators.

As these are deliveries from small growers, the number of seeds of some species is limited and therefore depends on the demand for certain species and your order number.

Minimum amount of an order of seeds: 10 EUR without postage and packing.